Reservations & prices

We have marked as reserved only the terms for which we have received confirmation of reservation or for which we have received payment in advance. Therefore some of the terms may still not be marked as reserved, even though they are in the process of reservation.

Our suites are available off season as well. For the terms available in months other than those in the schedule, please use the same inquiry form.

On the right hand side is an inquiry form. In order for us to reply, please fill in your basic contact information.

Below is a schedule of occupancy of our suites during the summer season. Here you can check availability.

How to make a reservation

To reserve a particular term in one of our suites, you are kindly asked to make an advance payment in the amount of approximately 30% of the rental price.

The suites are considered reserved when your downpayment is visible on our bank account.

We are small renters, and unlike hotels, we prefer arrivals and departures on Saturdays. We understand the desire of our guests to avoid traffic jams on weekends, but we also ask for your understanding. If it is possible to adjust the terms of arrival and departure on some other week day, of course we'll accept it.



Inquiry and
Booking Form :

Prices for accommodation in suites:

The price varies depending on the term you choose.

The season is usually divided into four periods.

Suite 1: 51 € :: 55 € :: 59 € :: 67 €

Suite 2: 68 € :: 74 € :: 80 € :: 89 €

In the apartment price is included: Tourist tax, registration to the Tourism Office of Mali Lošinj and Police, towels (twice a week), kitchen towels, table cloth, bedding (once a week), cleaning, Satelit-TV, Microwave oven, heating, air conditioning and access to the Internet.

Tax is included in the price.

The owner is not in the VAT system.


Additional charges

A stay of 2 days (1 night) add 50%.

A stay of 4 days or less (2 or 3 nights) add 30%.

Fee for keeping pets is 5 EUR per pet and per day.